1/ The J&P & SVP groups are having stalls with a letter for parishioners to sign leading up to the General Election, this Sunday. There are three questions that parishioners could sign up to, these have been taken from the briefing received from SVP/CAFOD.  These questions will then be emailed to the candidates for them to reply with their answers.   They could also be used if candidates come to their doors or they could be asked at Hustings if any are arranged locally. The questions are


a/ With almost two million people using foodbanks in the UK, the highest number on record, what are your plans to tackle the cost of living crisis in our area and nationally?


b/ The UK has slashed its aid budget, turning its back on the fight against global poverty. Will you, if elected, agree to restore the aid budget to 0.7% of national income, as agreed in the International Development Act, and show that we are a country committed to making the world a better place for all?


c/ If elected, what steps would you take to ensure businesses are held responsible for their operations, both at home and abroad to ensure workers’ rights are upheld, affected communities are safeguarded and the natural environment is protected?



2/ Restore Nature Now March Sat 22nd June London.  Nature Needs You!  Rivers choking on pollution, precious woodlands destroyed, seas overfished & peat bogs burned. Nature in the UK is being assaulted. Last year XRUK created The Big One, where we invited other organisations, charities and groups to demand government action on the climate and ecological nature. On June 22 we return to London, this time, side by side with dozens of organisations and thousands of people from across the country to demand action in a truly co-created action. This March will have added urgency as it comes less than two weeks before polling day.  Pledge to march, find out more information and check out the supporting organisations:




3/ Refugee Week 17th to 23rd June 

Celebrating Refugee week in Worthing – FACES OF RESILIENCE IN WORTHING 

Join Worthing 4 Refugees for a photography exhibition at Worthing Library, June 8th – June 22nd. These powerful images narrate the stories of local Ukrainian women who escaped the war, embarking on an odyssey from Ukraine to West Sussex. Titled “Faces of Resilience,” this collaborative effort with Worthing 4 Refugees, Adur Ukraine Support, and Community Works honours courage, hope, and the human spirit.




4/ SHOUT (Worthing Soup Kitchen) Donations of food required for the Community Fridge please place items in the boxes at St Mary’s one at the Carpark end & one under the card reader at the east end. Thank you




5/ Live Simply Tip of the Week Plastic bags only serve their purpose for an average of 30 minutes before they are thrown away. This leads to huge amounts of plastic waste ending up in our oceans every year. What can you do to help reduce the amount of trash in our environment?


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