1/ Live Simply Tip of the Week Buy more consciously—Look for goods that have less packaging. For instance, don’t buy individually wrapped cheese, or individual snack packs. Buy fewer things, but spend more to buy local, or support businesses that pay fair wages.



2/ Parish Projects for 2024 We have a number of projects & for the next few weeks we’ll  be highlighting them one at a time

British Red Cross Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory: a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.  Civilians continue to pay the highest price in this ongoing conflict. In Gaza, the situation is catastrophic. Men, women and children are facing the threat of starvation, and the health system has all but collapsed. In Israel and beyond, families are desperate to receive news of their loved ones still being held hostage and for them to be released.  The UN reports that since 7 October over 36,000 have been killed and over 81,000 injured in Gaza, with over 500 killed and over 5000 injured in the West Bank. Over 1,200 have been also been killed and more than 5,400 injured in Israel.  We’re seeing human suffering on an unprecedented level.

A £1,000 donation is being sent

For further information



3/ SHOUT (Worthing Soup Kitchen) Donations of food required for the Community Fridge please place items in the boxes at St Mary’s one at the Carpark end & one under the card reader at the east end. Thank you



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