Mass Times

The Catholic Parish of Worthing and Lancing celebrates Holy Mass in two churches, St Mary of the Angels in Worthing and Holy Family in Lancing. Holy Mass at St Mary of the Angels Church in Worthing is streamed live on the Internet. To watch Mass online click here: link.

Holy Masses are held in Holy Family Lancing and St Mary of the Angels churches at different times. Below are the regular days and times for Mass in each church.

Sunday Mass

  • 9.30am, Worthing
  • 11.15am, Lancing
  • 5.30pm, Worthing

Weekday Masses

  • Monday:  No Mass
  • Tuesday: 10am, Worthing
  • Wednesday: 10am, Lancing
  • Thursday: 10am, Worthing
  • Friday: 10am, Worthing
  • Saturday: No Mass

There is time for prayer in adoration in Holy Family Lancing on Wednesdays between 9.30am – 10.00am. 

Remember for certain Feast and Holy days the times may change and this will be outlined for those days in the parish newsletter: link

How do I participate in Mass online?

Masses celebrated at St Mary of the Angels church in Worthing are broadcast online through our streaming service. To watch Mass online, connect to this website at one of the scheduled Mass times and navigate to the Watch Mass Online page to view (Link to Watch Mass Online).

watch catholic mass online