Clothes for Gatwick detainees kindly donated by parishioners were delivered last week & they were very appreciative.



SHOUT Worthing Soup Kitchen  Do you know anyone who will be alone on Christmas Day or unable to provide their own lunch? SHOUT are providing a free Christmas Lunch at the Denton Lounge To book a meal 07984 766375 or email


LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week Seasonal food in December Cook with the freshest local produce this month, including Jerusalem artichokes, kale, beetroot, celeriac and parsnips. As well as the veg, look out for apples, pears and chestnuts  Provided by Friends of the Earth


The UN COP28 climate summit has ended with nearly 200 governments agreeing a call for the world to “transition away from fossil fuels”.

The COP28 agreement marks the first time all governments at a COP have formally acknowledged the world must move away from fossil fuels.

Pope Francis had urged world leaders to commit at COP28 to speed up a move away from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, with people in countries that have contributed least to causing the climate crisis being hardest hit.


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