1/ St Faustina Community Health Centre in Uganda.  Our churches have supported the Centre for several years now. Providing much needed equipment for the Centre and for projects to help school children & groups in the community. Our J&P Group have liaised with Fr Sylvester, Head of the Centre, and responded to their requests for help by organising collections and transportation of goods which our parishioners have so generously donated, and which has been of great help in enabling the Centre to meet the needs of the local community.

There’s a display of photos received from Fr Sylvester showing how our support has been put to such good use. You can view the display in the main entrance of St. Mary’s church, and in Holy Family church.

If you would like to contribute to the work of St Faustina on a regular basis, or with a one-off donation, please go to their website:


2/ From Care For Calais who we have supported in the past. “Wet weather, and a constant wave of police evictions every 48 hours, means more and more people in Calais are being forced to live in dangerous conditions. This week we met people living on the banks of railway bridges, sleeping on concrete foot passages, and some living next to the crash barrier with vehicles travelling at 130 kmph (80mph) right next to them”.
3/ Live Simply Tip of the Week  No Mow May For those of you with lawns this is a national campaign to encourage people not to mow their lawns until the end of May in order to boost the flowers, and nectar, available to pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and moths. We’re approaching May very quickly!


4/ The Santa Marta Group A group that was highlighted at the A&B Assembly earlier this year is an anti-trafficking charity that aims to act as a catalyst for law enforcement, civil society and the Church to work together to combat this global crime. The alliance was launched in 2014, supported by Pope Francis and named after his residence


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