1/Season of Creation   We are now in week three of the Season of Creation.  Like tributaries joining forces to become a mighty river, the church family can come together on a  path of care for our common home the earth. 

Together through our prayers and actions we can unleash a mighty river of peace and justice on behalf of all creation

May God open our eyes to recognise the goodness of all creation and help us to do what we can to restore and care for the wonderful gift that we have been given. Amen

2/CAFOD – Loss & Damage Pope Francis sends this message to World Leaders prior to COP 28  “You must listen to science and institute a rapid end to the era of Fossil Fuels. It is absurd to permit continuing expansion of Fossil Fuel infrastructures. Let us put an end to the senseless war against creation & raise our voices to halt this injustice towards the poor and our children, who will bear the worst effects of Climate Change”
In response, CAFOD & other orgs. are urging the government to commit to an International  ‘Loss & Damage Fund’ to compensate poor countries for climate catastrophes suffered from Global Warming  – mainly created by rich countries.

3/PAX CHRISTI    Their Autumn newsletter ‘Just Peace’ is available at the side door.  This edition looks at Militarism, national Security, and the massive increase in arms spending.  Pope Francis calls on nations to ” convert the tools of death into tools of life, reduce military spending and spend more on humanitarian needs.”

4/Live Simply Tip of the Week Leave whitespace in your day and week. I like to leave enough space in my day to have a clear end and a fresh start between activities. This gives me time to breathe and be intentional with my next action. And the day doesn’t pass by in one great big blur.


5/Transition Town Worthing Repair Café offers a fantastic free monthly repair service for your broken and worn out domestic items. Help us with our aim to move Worthing towards being a zero-waste town by preventing your household items from ending up in landfill. TTW Repair Café usually runs on the last Saturday of each month at Friends/Quaker Meeting House, 34 Mill Rd, Worthing, BN11 5DR. 10am – 4pm. Go to the website to book a repair




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