INVEST IN A FAIRER WORLD It is a difficult time financially for many people at present but for those in the poorest countries life is a daily struggle for survival. If you are fortunate enough to have, or about to make, investments there is a way of not only making a financial return for yourself but also to have the satisfaction of supporting farmers & producers in poor countries to trade their way out of poverty. ‘Shared Interest‘ has for many years provided finance & created opportunities for individuals & organisations across the globe to make better lives for themselves. If you want to invest in a fairer world do pick up their leaflet from the back of both churches


A WORTHING4REFUGEES APPEAL.  A Ukrainian refugee who came to Worthing from the war zone is struggling with thyroid cancer. Her husband can legally leave Ukraine to come to be with his wife, but there is not enough space for him where she is sponsored. We are looking for a sponsor who can accommodate the husband under the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ programme. He is in his 40s and speaks English. It most likely will be a short stay as he plans to get job ASAP and somewhere for all the family to live together. He used to work in London so he has good prospects for finding a job. The existing sponsor accommodating the lady (and her child) is willing to help a new sponsor with paperwork, etc.  If you can help, please contact


Live Simply Tip of the Week Careful with your washing You can save around £28 a year from your energy bill just by using your washing machine more carefully: Use your washing machine on a 30-degree cycle instead of higher temperatures and always wait for a full load.


Season of Creation continues until 4th Oct.  To keep updated about what’s happening around the world see



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