1/ Live Simply Tip of the Week Buy more consciously—Look for goods that have less packaging. For instance, don’t buy individually wrapped cheese, or individual snack packs. Buy fewer things, but spend more to buy local, or support businesses that pay fair wages


2/ SHOUT (Worthing Soup Kitchen) Donations of food required for the Community Fridge please place items in the boxes at St Mary’s one at the Carpark end & one under the card reader at the east end. Thank you


3/ With a UK general election on 4th July, politicians will be looking for our votes.

We have a responsibility as Catholics to make sure political parties commit to taking action to tackle poverty and injustice. Raising our voices and contacting parliamentary candidates as a parish community will send a strong signal to those standing for election in our local constituencies.

As Christians, we have a long tradition of being actively involved in the big issues of our time. The lives of many saints show us that the greater their devotion to the Lord, the deeper their commitment to addressing the social problems of their time.

That’s why we must make 2024 a ‘Year of Encounter’ where we use the general election as a special opportunity to speak with those running for election about the key issues that matter to us as people of faith. Such issues as poverty, climate change and injustice.

Further information to follow.



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