Worthing for Refugees has received a request to help find accommodation in Worthing for a Ukrainian couple currently living in Pulborough.  Unfortunately, one of them has just been diagnosed with cancer and so needs to travel to Worthing hospital regularly for treatment.  Ideally, they would like to relocate to Worthing, so that the travel to and from the hospital is easier.  They are looking for either a new host , or somewhere to rent.  So if you know of anybody that could help, please get in touch with

LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week Recycle your coffee grounds If you make coffee at home, you might already add the grounds to your compost bin or wormery. But did you know you can also sprinkle them directly on the soil? They’re a great free source of nitrogen and minerals. If you don’t drink coffee, your local café or coffee shop will probably be more than happy to donate their used grounds. Provided by Friends of the Earth



CAFOD WALK 200KM IN 40 DAYS TO HELP FIGHT GLOBAL POVERTY Challenge yourself and take on The Big Lent Walk! Walk when and where you choose over 40 days, alone or with friends. Raise money to help people as they overcome poverty.

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