Cheap Bus Fare’s From Sunday 1st January 2023, the cost of a single bus journey will be capped at £2 on most Stagecoach routes in England.
The Bus Fare Cap scheme is a Government initiative which will run from 1st January until 31st March 2023. During this time, most single fares on eligible Stagecoach routes will cost £2 or less. Tickets can be bought on board or on the Stagecoach Bus App:  Could be a more sustainable way to get to church!


Live Simply Tip of the Week Please be mindful of how you dispose of your real Christmas trees. Once Christmas is over, trees can be shredded and composted or alternatively, Worthing & Adur Councils offer a kerbside recycling scheme, where they will collect your tree from 12th January. They then shred them into chippings, which are typically used in parks. Alternatively, a rooted tree can be planted in your garden. If you don’t have space, ask around. A local community growing group may have space for your tree!


Worthing Fairtrade Directory for 2023 Please check out the new Worthing Fairtrade Directory for 2023 published by Worthing Fairtrade Steering Group, there’s 78 places where Fairtrade can be obtained. St Mary of the Angels being a Fairtrade church is included


PEACE SUNDAY is next Sunday 15 January, and this year the Peace Message from Pope Francis asks us: ‘What did we learn from the pandemic? What new paths should we follow. What signs of hope can we see, to help us move forward and try to make our world a better place?’

Our Catholic peace movement Pax Christi works through parishes, schools and social media to promote peace. Their website  includes activities for families and a peace liturgy for young children.

Next Sunday 15th Jan there will be a 2nd collection to support their work, our J&P Group will have a Pax Christi table with prayer cards, Peace poppies & literature to take. Pope Francis’s 2023 Peace Message will be on a board to view – also on Pax Christi’s website.


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