CAFOD Family Fast Day Second Collection is this Sunday 9th Oct.  The money will go towards the World food crisis appeal. Millions of families are facing a food crisis that could be the worst in living memory. Your donations can help CAFOD’s local experts to provide emergency food supplies to families in the worst affected countries in East Africa and support communities around the world working hard to put food on the table. Please place envelopes or acsh in the baskets or give via the card readers, otherwise online at  you can also give through the QR code on the envelope & posters.  Please fill in the Gift Aid section on the envelope if a UK taxpayer.  There’s information on the envelope and online how to start a monthly donation to CAFOD.



Live Simply Tip of the Week. Draughts Most houses, particularly old ones, have cracks and gaps where warm air goes out and cold air blows in. Draught-proofing is easy and any competent DIYer can fix gaps between or around floorboards; around windows and doors; through the letterbox; where pipework comes through external walls; around the loft hatch; and around electrical fittings. It’s important to never block boiler flues, air bricks, or window trickle vents and avoid over draught-proofing windows in kitchens and bathrooms where the moist air needs to escape. Otherwise, you could end up with damp or mould problems.


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