St Mary of the Angels Car Park Entrance Doors

The decision to keep the car park doors closed except for during Mass is one of necessity for security. The doors have suffered badly from the weather, to the point where they will not now open or close unless both doors are opened or closed simultaneously. As the car park doors are a designated fire exit, they are opened whilst there is a service in the church. They are opened about ten minutes prior to the commencement of the service, and closed soon after when the bulk of the congregation has left the church. We would suggest that people time their arrival at the church for ten minutes or so before Mass starts and they will then be able to access the church through the car park doors.

Closing the doors is not intended to keep people out, or make access or egress difficult, but to extend the useful life of the doors for as long as possible. The church is a Grade II listed building and any remedial work, or any proposed alterations, needed to the structure have to be approved by the Historic Churches Committee (HCC). To that effect, an application detailing the repairs or alterations has to be submitted to them, supported by necessary documentation, costings, measurements etc., and evidence of Diocesan approval, for their consideration and approval. Once the application has been received by the HCC it is circulated and a notice displayed publicly, for a period of 28 days to allow for any comments or objections to be lodged. In the event that the work is external to the building, additionally a Press Notice has to be inserted in the local paper inviting comment or objection within 28 days. After the 28-day period the matter is considered by
the HCC who may approve (or reject) the application and grant (or refuse) a Faculty allowing the work to be carried out.

The doors have deteriorated to the point that they are badly in need of replacement. A quote was obtained last July, valid for 90 days, for the manufacture and installation of the replacement doors. However, the Diocese insisted on receiving a copy of the current Quinquennial Report detailing the condition of the church (to include the state of the car park doors) prior to agreeing to the proposed replacement and thereby allowing us to submit an application. This agreement has now been received and an application has been submitted to the HCC. We are now in the mandatory 28-day period awaiting public comment. Once that period has passed and, hopefully, HCC approval is given, we can proceed. However, we will then need to seek a revised quote, which we trust will be acceptable to the Diocese. Then the work can begin. The construction and installation of the doors will probably take six or seven weeks after approval of the revised quote.

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