St Mary of the Angels Car Park Entrance Doors

The decision to keep the car park doors closed except for during Mass is one of necessity for security. The doors have suffered badly from the weather, to the point where they will not now open or close unless both doors are opened or closed simultaneously. As the car park doors are a designated fire … [Read more…]

A Thank-you from Fr Terry

I am still somewhat astounded by the whole experience of last Sunday’s farewell! The lovely liturgy and the festive party were such happy events. To see so many of you sharing in the start of my sabbatical in this particular way was incredibly touching and humbling. The celebrations were a thoughtful and imaginative gesture, and … [Read more…]

Fr Terry: A Sabbatical

After conversations with Bishop Richard, it has been agreed that I will take a year’s sabbatical. Following that time away, God willing, I will return to Worthing & Lancing as Parish Priest. I have been in public ministry for thirty-five years and will celebrate my silver jubilee of priestly ordination next year. I value this … [Read more…]