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Our new website has been created to serve our co-joined Parish of Worthing and Lancing. We are gradually migrating content from the old website and creating new content for this, so please have patience as the content on this website grows.

However we hope that you like the new site and find the simplified content and layout easier to use.

Please comment on this post if you have any suggestions, or even if something you’d expect to work doesn’t.

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  1. Rod Thick


    NATIONAL TRUST ‘BETTER WITHOUT BARCLAYS’. Since the 2015 Paris climate agreement Barclays bank has financed fossil fuel companies by £137 billion. They are Europe’s largest bankroller of climate changing fossil fuel emissions. Christian members of the Trust have tabled a resolution for the National Trust AGM on 5 November calling for a change of bank if Barclays fail to stop subsidising energy and power companies that get more than 10% turnover from fossil fuels.
    NT members are being balloted this autumn, votes for the resolution can be cast online or post by 5th of November via the Autumn Magazine. For more info. and wording of resolution. Go to greenchristian.org.uk/the-national-trust-better…/
    The resolution draws on our Christian understanding of redemption and of Care for Creation. If any Parishioner is a member, please use your vote to make a difference. Note the Justice & Peace Group are affiliated to Green Christians

    Season of Creation continues until St Francis Day 4th Oct. Thanks to everyone who took ribbons with tags to resemble the burning bush last week, nearly 300 were taken from both churches to place on shrubs & bushes. seasonofcreation.org/

    CAFOD Fix the Food Campaign in Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, up to 20 million people are fighting for their very survival. The threat of extreme hunger is forcing people to spend their life-savings or leave their homes. This is not normal – no one facing this kind of hunger could ever claim it was normal. There’s 3 things we can do 1/ Pray 2/ Support the appeal 3/ Email the Foreign Secretary. Please go to cafod.org.uk/
    This petition ends in mid October please consider signing if you haven’t done so already

    Shared Interest is an ethical investment organisation which aims to alleviate poverty by helping people in remote and disadvantaged communities, to trade and earn a living. We act co-operatively with over 11,500 investors coming together to achieve a common goal, pooling their £49 million of investment. We then use these funds to provide loans and credit facilities to primarily fair trade businesses, to ensure that farmers are paid on time for their crops. https://www.shared-interest.com/gb There will be cards at the back of both churches, please help yourself.

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